Alice_ch3n81 in trans

by mr


Trans team met Alice_ch3n81 online, and asked her a simple question: Can you define an Alien? She immediately started to tell stories. She moved fast. Each moment of the interview become a new adventure, adressed in a new way, from a new address, in a new dress. It was Synchronic. Surrounded with different books, each moment Alice_ch3n81 formed a specific cloud of interest, while discussing how can one think of an alien and what might be its definitions. In the process we were taken for a ride and became a part of her persona. One moment it was Miro Roman who was her avatar, other moment she seduced Artai Sánchez, next her face had a mask of Blanka Dominika Major, while she took over instagram of Fabienne Girsberger, and the moment before Noé Lafranchi was typing for her. Here is a transcript of her thinking on aliens and their affairs during these five unforgettable moments.

To write this interview both Trans team and Miro Roman were playing with an informational instrument Ask.Alice and Xenotheka library.

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