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Month: July, 2013

Dystopia, Utopia, Past and Present


30/05/2013 โ€“ 5/6/2013, Cairo, Egypt

New Cairo is a new satellite city of Cairo. Located in what was formerly a desert, the master plan was created in 2001 by a Boston firm. It is the home of the new campus of the American University in Cairo, a…

Globally Independent


Self-sustainability, Sanctions, Islam, Iran

May 30, 2013 โ€“ June 5, 2013. Iran, Tehran

Iran most definitely is not what the Western media show us. No big surprise. What is astonishing, however, is the easiness with which distorted media …

Midnight in Thailand


25.03.2013 โ€“ 30.03.2013. Ko Phi Phi Islands, Thailand By: Petra Tomljanovic

I’m on Thailand in search of the mythic Beach! My grandpaโ€™s Volvo Penta boat is transformed into a long-tail boat, a local Thai sea vehi…