Adrift in Japan

by mr

30.04.2012 – 14.05.2012.

You are in Tokyo trying to catch a train. It is rush hour.The station is crowded! You are trying to make your way through. After a minute you realize that there are so many people you cannot push them all. You surrender! You start to respect the rules and your neighbors. You are in a line. In a population of lines and protocols.

It is not about a person, a house or an object, it is about populations and landscapes. Houses are all different, packed together and aligned in endless lines, which are the only thing that is holding these vast landscapes together. This kind of diversity is what questions the role of design. Is design here just to support the sameness of diversity? The object is losing its meaning and is addressed as part of the network. How to gain a position in this environment? Context, culture, and hidden relations…

tokyo two

tokyo three

osaka one

movie: Adrift in Tokyo (Japanese title 転々, tenten) is a 2007 Japanese film based on a novel by Yoshinaga Fujita.

foto: miro roman